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1. Speak in my own voice.
2. Love without fear.
3. Do the work I love.

Lahela & Girls

Seeing The Dream


Women Find Your Voice is offered as encouragement to step forth and share with the world our Soul imprint. Since it is scientifically proven that we are all made up of energy, and part of one large cosmic whole, then the true tone of ”all that is” can only be heard when we each sound our note. A puzzle only represents a complete, coherent picture when all of the pieces are in place. As we express the true uniqueness of who we are we create the beautiful tapestry of God’s creation. As we let our unique light shine forth we co-create the radiance of Spirit’s perfection. To express the essence of our Soul’s perfection is our vision, our birthright and our choice. A choice that is made moment to moment. “Shine Baby Shine” is our book that shares an in-depth look at this topic.